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Ever wanted your very own pet robot?
Now's your chance to find out what having one would be like!

This is our entry to Virtual Pet Jam and is a prototype of something we hope to perfect and release on Steam in the future.

In this version you can buy randomly generated robots, feed them spanners, play fetch, send them to work to earn money, and even breed them!

Trigger - Grab Objects
Grip - Point

Point at robot to select him.
Then point at an object, it will glow if the robot can interact with it. Whilst pointing at the object, press trigger to make the robot go to it. If it's food, they will eat it, if its an object, they will pick it up. Point somewhere else and press trigger to make them drop the object there.

Point at an object, press the trackpad/thumbstick to have them bring it to you. If you select a robot, and then point somewhere and press trackpad/thumbstick, they will move to that position.


VRtualPetBuild.zip 23 MB

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