Traffic Jam is our submission to Weekly Game Jam - Week 96

The goal is to keep traffic flowing for as long as possible by controlling the traffic lights at a 4 way interaction.

If any cars collide, it's Game Over

If a car has to wait at a red light for too long, they light will change to green on its own! 


We ran out of time so there are some bugs, if you find one let us know! 


You toggle the traffic lights using the arrow keys, the keys correspond to the direction of traffic:

  • Left arrow -> traffic moving to the left
  • Right arrow -> traffic moving to the right
  • Up arrow -> traffic moving upwards
  • Down arrow -> traffic moving downwards


  • Logo font - Some Time Later by Fredrick Brennan
  • Models -
  • Code - Feisty Crab Studios (us!)


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This game is super good for my mind haha. Pretty tricky I love it. Is this game on the Game Distribution platform? I would love to put it on my site Free Games to Play


I like your solution of making the buildings transparent , it is something I might copy for my game too :D . I don't know if it normal but I don't hear any sound at all: could it be a BUG? Controls, better to use the mouse.


We're glad you like it! 

Yeah there's no sound currently, we ran out of time hahaha.

We'll improve the controls too , thanks for playing! :D 


Nice polished look! I like the idea a lot. I'm not a giant fan of the controls, though with practice they probably work fine. For a simple game like this, I'd almost rather just use the mouse and click the lights.

Good work!

Thanks for your comment, we'll look into improving the controls, clicking on the lights seems to be the most requested method,

Thanks again! :) 


Very nice simulation. I've always assumed this is how all traffic lights work. 

Thank you! We tried to make this game as realistic as possible. We spent a couple of days at numerous traffic lights to study how they act in their natural habitat. We even managed to record some mocap for a few of them, hopefully it shows! 


Not going to lie, I let this sit on game over for a while just because the colliding cars are pretty fun to watch. Very bouncy and lively.

I enjoyed the idea! I would only maybe add that it could benefit if there was some way to know  if a car was planning on turning. I thought I was being super clever by activating left and right lights simultaneously on my second go around, only to watch one turn directly into the other.  That way, you may still want to only activate one light but you can get an idea as to whether or not you want to risk it.

Thanks for the comment, we're glad you like the collisions hahaha! 

We will look into making it more obvious when a car is turning, perhaps some road markings would help?


I like the concept. Love how the cars flip over when they collide.

I feel like the arrow key controls are a little confusing since it's an isometric perspective. I feel like toggling the lights by clicking on them would work better, and it'd even work as a mobile game that way.

You could also add some additional feedback on which direction the traffic is able to move by adding an arrow along the ground when the light is toggled. As it is, the lights are pretty small so I found myself losing track of which lights I had toggled.


Thank you so much!

We considered touch controls when building this, we'll stick them in!

We love the arrow idea, we definitely need to make it more obvious what the lights control.

Thanks again for helpful comment :)