A downloadable game for Windows

Procedural Space VR

It's just some procedurally generated space!
All the planets and suns have randomly generated names and ages.

This can be played with a VR headset and motion tracked controllers or with keyboard and mouse. 

VR Controls
Red Controller:

Movement - Hold down top of touchpad and point in desired direction.
Fast Movement - As above but also hold down the trigger on this controller.
Reset galaxy zoom - Press the grip button.

Blue Controller:
Display Info - Hold down the bottom of the touchpad and move pointer into sun/planet.
Stop/start galaxy - Press the grip button.

Both Controllers
To use these controls hold down the triggers on both controllers then...
Zoom galaxy - Hold down the right of the touchpad on the blue controller and move controllers away from each other.
Rotate galaxy - Hold down the left of the touchpad on the blue controller and rotate both controllers.

Keyboard & Mouse Controls:
Move Camera - WASD.
Rotate Camera - Hold left click and drag.
Display Info - When close enough to a sun/planet the crosshair will turn blue then right click to display information.
Stop/start galaxy - Press space.

Note - This has only been tested with the HTC Vive.


ProceduralSpaceVR.zip 16 MB


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This crashed on me :/

That's unfortunate to hear, could you give us some more information? Such as if were you playing the browser version or the exe? 

Browser. It alerted me with an error; "unexpected abort" or something like that

(1 edit)

Ahh yes unfortunately once uploaded we discovered that itch wasn't to happy about the amount of memory it wanted to use which in some cases would lead to it crashing. If download the standalone version you should be able to play with no problems :)